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Looking Back 2013 - Yule Time at Beach, but before...Natalie Cole!

Lot's of time on my hands lately, so I thought I would go through some old pics.  Here are some pics of a winter I spent on the beach. Before, I watched the tree lighting at Pioneer Square and had awesome seats at  Arlene Schnitzer to hear Natalie Cole and the Oregon Symphony perform traditional Christmas Songs. What an awesome time it was. I was so glad to be able to hear Natalie Cole one more time before she died. I also got to see here in the 90's when she was touring her Unforgettable album. After the concert I headed to the beach for a wonderful time and my birthday with my dog and a bag of weed. Just dog couldn't come. Joking...they both came. 
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Pumpkin Pie

 Who doesn't love to make pumpkin pie? This time around I made it in a deep dish pie plate, and I embellished the crust with maple leaves. One trick I learned a long time ago with pie crust is to roll it out on top of plastic wrap, then when it comes time to transfer to the pie dish, I roll it up with the plastic wrap, and then I roll it over the dish. This works every time, and works even better for lattice.  I want to be buried with this mixer. Crust rolled out on top of pie dish. Whisked egg yolks make everything stick and shiny.  Baked at 450 for 15 minutes, and then 1 hour (because of the dish being so deep) at 350. I covered the crust with parchment paper after the 15 minute baking cycle. 

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

Celebration of Love and Commitment


Celebrities Who Knit

  Uma Thurman David Arquette Catherine Zeta-Jones Cara Delevingne Kiefer Sutherland Nicholas Hoult Betty Davis

Forest Fires

 As most people know we had a huge rash of forest fires in the NW this year. At the time I was working for the Oregon Employment Office. Here are some pictures of my route to work.  This in the middle of the day and it almost looks like night.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Check out the picture of the day at The Dumbbell Nebula, also known as Messier 27, is a planetary nebula in the constellation Vulpecula the Fox. It lies 1,230 light-years away and carries the distinction of being the first planetary nebula to be discovered. Charles Messier found it in 1764.

Beautiful day in the neighorhood

 It was a gorgeous day in the neighborhood today. I great day to walk the dog.  Clinton Park is an awesome place to let the dog run and run. 

New Flooring and an awesome day!

 I've lived in my condo for over ten years, and recently I just got new flooring. Wow, what an awesome feeling. Afterward I took the dog for a walk on a beautiful day. 

Early Morning Walk