Monday, April 16, 2012

Corset Project and Eyelets

This weekend I finished making a corset that I started a week or so ago. Okay, two weeks. It’s not a difficult project it’s just that other things got in the way.
I used a Simplicity Halloween costume pattern for this corset which also came with a tutu pattern, but I haven’t made the tutu as of yet.  I could have draped the design using  my form and muslin, then made the paper pattern, but I figured why reinvent the wheel.
There are about six pieces to the pattern, and they are relatively small which make it easy to cut out on a medium sized ironing board or counter top. This was an easy project for the most part, but the challenge came when it’s was time to do some of the finishing work mainly the eyelets.
The pictures are of my first attempt at this design. The second attempt turned out the same except that I used a better eyelet tool instead of the cheap Dritz eyelet tool I had on-hand when I made the first version. Eventually I ended up with a big hole in the last eyelet I applied (isn’t that how it always happens).
On Amazon I found an awesome well made eyelet tool that came with tons of eyelets, and when I bought a grommet tool together I got a great deal. Check it out!
Amazon - Heavy-Duty 3/16" Eyelet Grommet Pliers Set with 400 Eyelets - Easy to Use
My second attempt at this design took about four hours from cutting to finishing. I am pretty happy with the results. The tutu will really make this corset look awesome.
Instead of using the placement guide in the pattern directions I place boning in all of the side seams and half way up the base of the seams in front. I used basic plastic boning because the material is semi stretchy and this isn’t an authentic corset with regard to stiff support, but more so medium support. I wanted support more so for the shape of the garment oppose to support for body parts.
Instead of using black bias tape to finish the bottom as suggested in the pattern, I used the same material cut on the bias. The second version does not have the black cording embellish.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Women’s Blazer

Here’s a pic of a woman’s blazer a made a few months back and sold on line. The fabric was very shiny, and hard to sew, but it was a lot of fun. The button on the front was that of the sun and matched the fabric on the back.