Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doggy Bed

I made this on a whim one day.I didn’t have a pattern, but fashioned it after one I saw at the pet store that was selling for $50 bucks. I simply made a circle out of felt big enough for my dog. I then had the idea to cut out the paw appliqué out of black felt to which I simply sewed onto the circle before sewing the circle seams together. I then cut out a double sided rectangular piece of fabric that I knew would encompass the circle. I left a little extra fabric at the end just in case. I stuffed the pillow lightly, then sewed the top of the rectangular fabric pieces together, then sewed the rectangular piece to the circular piece leaving just a small amount open to stuff. I stuffed it, then closed the seam by hand stitch. I then turned the circle/rectangular seam inside the bed. My dog loves it and it’s machine washable and very soft. My dog loves to sleep in it during long car trips to the beach.


Cost...about $8 bucks. $4 for the fleece, and about $4 for the stuffing. Super fun to make!