Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tim Burton like doll

It’s been a while since I’ve posted although I have been doing a lot. I wanted to share with you this figure I made last week. It took me a while to make because I got busy dinking around with other stuff between each body part.
DSCF3059I borrowed the pattern from a book I have called Creative Cloth Doll Couture by Medaris Culea. I tweaked the pattern just a bit, but next time I will probably make the legs and arms thinner. What I like about this book is the patterns are in the back, and she makes her dolls all the while admitting that she borrows from this artist and that artist. She shares so much in the book, and also gives credit to the artists that have inspired her. I like the book because it’s all about sharing creative ideas which is what art allows us to do freely.
Anyway…I left the doll parts sitting around for a while because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them: what kind of figure I wanted to make. I could have gone pretty, or weird, but instead I felt I would do a sort of witch, zombie, macabre sort of thing, you know, pretty and weird.
DSCF3071I made her out of regular muslin, then airbrushed her with diluted acrylic paint. I then painted on the stitches, and sewed her together. I painted the face, and made the hair out of brush black Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn. The dress sort of just came to me. I took a long piece of bias tape, and gather a ton of mesh or tulle, and sewed it to the middle of the tape. I then made an apron out of fancier material and sewed loose ribbon along the edges. Her fingers are pose-able, and her finger and toe nails are painted black.
Next time I won’t use acrylic paint because it makes the fabric sort of crunchy. Not that these figures will be handles a lot, but it bothered me. Like I said earlier, I will make the legs and arms thinner, and the feet flatter. I might make a shorter, fatter old man.

DSCF3068Hope you enjoy.

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