Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quilting Project

I created this quilt as a homage to the first time I went to Hawaii. I stayed in a hotel downtown off the beaten path. It was a perfect room for one person, and the bathroom had the most beautiful small tile I’ve ever seen. It was opalescent green, yellow, blue, and just a hint of red. This blanket/quilt reminds me of that trip.
Unfortunately this quilt will also remind me of how much I do not enjoy quilting. Ugh. All the cutting, and measuring of squares and such. This project took me months to finish because it kept ending up back in my closet while I worked on more enjoyable projects.
This weekend I told myself I would finish this project, and so I did.
I didn’t use bias tape to bind the quilt instead I mitered the corners which I thought gave it a more casual feel. This blanket isn't a standard size, queen, double, or king but more so a throw size.

Piped Placemat

This was a fun afternoon project. I found this fabric in the bargain bin at the local fabric store and thought it might make a cool placemat or a hot pad for the table.
I used regular muslin on the back, and between, cotton batting. The piping I made from pre-cut bias tape and regular cording. This placemat sort of reminds me of summer in Florida.
Check out the awesome foot I found at a second hand store. It makes easy work of projects like this. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Groovy Tie dyed T-shirt Project

DSCF5178Summer has really gotten away from me. This year I decided I wanted to tie dye. I read a bit, then shopped a bit, and the final results you can see below.
DSCF5193If you have access to laundromat I would highly suggest you use it to avoid having your entire wardrobe a faint shade of pink later on.
Either way, I love the results, and when I put on these shirts I will remember what an awesome summer I had.
These T’s were going to be turned into rags or given to Goodwill, so I decided to give them one more chance and live as tie dye.
  • I rubber banded the portions I wanted not to receive color.
  • To get the circle I gather the center front portion of the shirt into what looked like a big nipple, and I tied died the nipple part a different color than the outsides of the shirt.
  • I heated a tea kettle and put a cup or two of boiling water in each bowl to dissolve the color. I then added hot tap water to dilute it to my liking.
  • I dipped, very carefully, the sections I wanted colored in the appropriate bowl, and I let them soak for about 15 minutes each. I rinsed out each section before going on to the other.
  • I clipped the rubber bands and rinsed the entire garment out before throwing them in the water, then the dryer.
DSCF5192DSCF5187If I decide to do this again, I will leave the rubber band in, and throw them in the washer, once, then a second after removing the bands.
Tips –
  • I used big plastic bowls I bought at the dollar store. They were flimsy, but really high and I didn’t spill a drop.
  • Lay down news paper if you care about your counter tops because this color is powerful and can stain.
  • Wear gloves or your hand will be stained for days maybe even weeks. 
  • Take your time and enjoy this fun art form.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Witches Hat

This was a fun project. It’s a huge hat. Looking back now I suppose I could have embellished it with cobwebs or plastic spiders, but I wanted it to be more of an elegant witches hat. I used Butterick B4313 pattern.
Picture 045

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ugly Monster Doll

This is yet another project I did on a whim. I fashioned this doll after the character from the book Where The Wild Things Are. It's cute, and was fun to make. Email me if you would like me to send you the pattern.  

First I cut out the pattern I designed from a regular grocery bag.

I then pinned it to the fabric, and cut it out.

I cut the eyes out of felt, and sewed them in place before sewing the front and back of the doll.

I lightly stuffed the doll with stuffing.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crochet Beanies

This was a fun project. Actually it’s an ongoing project. I crochet these to relax and whenever I have some free time. It’s a super easy pattern.
DSCF5623      DSCF5622
The pattern is as follows.
To make the ridge, DC in the back loop of the stitch.
  1. Cast on six stiches. SL st first and last stitch together to form a circle.
  2. DC 15 stiches around the circle, SL st together, chain 3
  3. 2 DC in each stitch around, SL st together, chain 3
  4. 2 DC in every 2nd stich, SL st together, chain 3
  5. 2 DC every 4rd
  6. 2 DC every 5th
  7. Continue to DC for 20 rows
  8. Last row of DC decrease every other stitch for small, every third stitch for a medium, and every fourth stitch for a super jumbo large.
  9. SC for five rows…bind off.

I sometimes only work 15 rows then decrease, and SC the last five rows to make a shorter hat.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winter Project Wrap-Up

It’s been a  while since I’ve posted to my blog. The winter got away with me, but I was able to finish up two big project this week. One was a sweater, the other a blazer made from leopard skin fabric I got super cheap at an outlet super sale a few years back.

This sweater took me several months to make. I used the flat pattern method oppose to a top down method where you knit using circular needles. I knitted each piece separately, then pressed each piece and sewed them together to form the sweater using yarn.

While some people sew the knitted pieces together using a serger, which I have, I feel like that sort of doesn’t go along with the hand knitting theme of the project, so I followed it through with hand sewing. Mistakes where made, and it was a challenge to get the collar in and not have it look clean around the collar, but all and all I am pretty proud of the sweater. It fits well, and is super soft and comfortable. I made it with Lion Brand Wool, and used the pattern for a simple ribbed sweater found on their website.

100_0031The second project is a man’s blazer made from some awesome leopard skin fabric I got on sale a few years back. I really love this fabric and also reupholstered an antique chair with the same fabric.

This blazer isn’t for everyone, but it’s wild, and super comfortable for going out, or just shopping in a trendy part of town. I enjoy making my own clothes, and even if I don’t wear this frock often, I love having it around as homage to my sewing ability and a sense of accomplishment. The buttons are antique and don’t match. The jacket is partially lined with taupe linen like material. I used KWIK Sew Pattern K3485.

This summer I will probably be working on more casual summer clothes of course. I am looking to sew some casual men's shirts with boat collars and short sleeves. Claim diggers, or short pants, and a few beach bags to haul my stuff with me to the beach.