Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winter Project Wrap-Up

It’s been a  while since I’ve posted to my blog. The winter got away with me, but I was able to finish up two big project this week. One was a sweater, the other a blazer made from leopard skin fabric I got super cheap at an outlet super sale a few years back.

This sweater took me several months to make. I used the flat pattern method oppose to a top down method where you knit using circular needles. I knitted each piece separately, then pressed each piece and sewed them together to form the sweater using yarn.

While some people sew the knitted pieces together using a serger, which I have, I feel like that sort of doesn’t go along with the hand knitting theme of the project, so I followed it through with hand sewing. Mistakes where made, and it was a challenge to get the collar in and not have it look clean around the collar, but all and all I am pretty proud of the sweater. It fits well, and is super soft and comfortable. I made it with Lion Brand Wool, and used the pattern for a simple ribbed sweater found on their website.

100_0031The second project is a man’s blazer made from some awesome leopard skin fabric I got on sale a few years back. I really love this fabric and also reupholstered an antique chair with the same fabric.

This blazer isn’t for everyone, but it’s wild, and super comfortable for going out, or just shopping in a trendy part of town. I enjoy making my own clothes, and even if I don’t wear this frock often, I love having it around as homage to my sewing ability and a sense of accomplishment. The buttons are antique and don’t match. The jacket is partially lined with taupe linen like material. I used KWIK Sew Pattern K3485.

This summer I will probably be working on more casual summer clothes of course. I am looking to sew some casual men's shirts with boat collars and short sleeves. Claim diggers, or short pants, and a few beach bags to haul my stuff with me to the beach.