Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quilting Project

I created this quilt as a homage to the first time I went to Hawaii. I stayed in a hotel downtown off the beaten path. It was a perfect room for one person, and the bathroom had the most beautiful small tile I’ve ever seen. It was opalescent green, yellow, blue, and just a hint of red. This blanket/quilt reminds me of that trip.
Unfortunately this quilt will also remind me of how much I do not enjoy quilting. Ugh. All the cutting, and measuring of squares and such. This project took me months to finish because it kept ending up back in my closet while I worked on more enjoyable projects.
This weekend I told myself I would finish this project, and so I did.
I didn’t use bias tape to bind the quilt instead I mitered the corners which I thought gave it a more casual feel. This blanket isn't a standard size, queen, double, or king but more so a throw size.

Piped Placemat

This was a fun afternoon project. I found this fabric in the bargain bin at the local fabric store and thought it might make a cool placemat or a hot pad for the table.
I used regular muslin on the back, and between, cotton batting. The piping I made from pre-cut bias tape and regular cording. This placemat sort of reminds me of summer in Florida.
Check out the awesome foot I found at a second hand store. It makes easy work of projects like this. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Groovy Tie dyed T-shirt Project

DSCF5178Summer has really gotten away from me. This year I decided I wanted to tie dye. I read a bit, then shopped a bit, and the final results you can see below.
DSCF5193If you have access to laundromat I would highly suggest you use it to avoid having your entire wardrobe a faint shade of pink later on.
Either way, I love the results, and when I put on these shirts I will remember what an awesome summer I had.
These T’s were going to be turned into rags or given to Goodwill, so I decided to give them one more chance and live as tie dye.
  • I rubber banded the portions I wanted not to receive color.
  • To get the circle I gather the center front portion of the shirt into what looked like a big nipple, and I tied died the nipple part a different color than the outsides of the shirt.
  • I heated a tea kettle and put a cup or two of boiling water in each bowl to dissolve the color. I then added hot tap water to dilute it to my liking.
  • I dipped, very carefully, the sections I wanted colored in the appropriate bowl, and I let them soak for about 15 minutes each. I rinsed out each section before going on to the other.
  • I clipped the rubber bands and rinsed the entire garment out before throwing them in the water, then the dryer.
DSCF5192DSCF5187If I decide to do this again, I will leave the rubber band in, and throw them in the washer, once, then a second after removing the bands.
Tips –
  • I used big plastic bowls I bought at the dollar store. They were flimsy, but really high and I didn’t spill a drop.
  • Lay down news paper if you care about your counter tops because this color is powerful and can stain.
  • Wear gloves or your hand will be stained for days maybe even weeks. 
  • Take your time and enjoy this fun art form.