Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wool Sweater

I finally finished this wool sweater I started a few months back. I was hoping to get it finished by the time the holidays rolled around, and I did!

This is a super easy tunic style pattern. The sleeves and body are pretty much blocks with no contouring in the arms or waste area.

I used Paton Yarn, dark grey Marl. It took about six skeins of yarn to make this sweater which is a medium. I hemmed the sleeves and the waste band.

The challenges with this sweater was washing it. Once it got wet it smelled like a inside of barn due to the fact that it's 100% wool. I didn't expect that. Also, it took almost an entire week to dry, but once it was dry the smell went away, and the sweater tightened up.

All and all it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kids Messenger Bag

I love making messenger bags. There are so many creative things you can do when making a bag, and you can lug around tons of stuff once you’ve finished.
Whenever I am out and about I notice handmade bags that people are wearing. I absolutely love to see people wearing things they made themselves.
I think wearing things that you’ve made yourself says something about you and connects you with people on a creative level that you don’t get from just picking something off the rack.
This bag I made from leftover denim from a pair of jeans I made earlier this year. The lining is from fat quarters I found on sale a month or so ago. The strapping and hardware I got at a local sewing shop that specializes in outer wear. I buy tons at a time because their backpack gear is really inexpensive since you are buying them out of bins and not individually packaged like at other fabric stores. Most of the hardware is plastic, but eh. It works great and looks good.
  • I cut the bag pieces from a pattern, but I free handed the fabric straps and the pockets on the side.
  • I created or should I say “machined” the Superman patch on an embroidery machine I have after downloading the design from an embroider website.
  • I finished off the edge of the seams on the inside because I think it gives the bag a nice finished look, and makes the bag look more expensive.
Next time I will make the straps longer, and make more pockets, and the outside pockets will snap.
I won’t wear this since I have tons of other bags, and I had a kid in mind when making this bag.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Swim Trunks From Hawaiian T-shirt

I hardly wore this T-Shirt, so I thought I would turn it into a pair of swim trunks.

I copied the trunks after a pair of boxer briefs. I think it took about an hour, and was a lot of fun to make and to wear...although next time I might line the next pair I make.

I used an over-lock machine as well as a top-stitch machine.



Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend Pillows

I made these pillows from upholstery samples I got at Joann’s for two bucks, some left over stuffing, and piping I made from fabric scraps. I haven’t decided what to do with them, but they were fun to make.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow Day Project

It’s been pretty snowy here in the NW the last few days, so I thought I would make some fun coasters while I waited for the snow to melt.
I made these by simply tracing an old circular coaster I had laying about. I used some spare fat quarters, and some loose batting. This was a fun project because I cut the bias tape, and ironed it myself instead of buying pre-made. I pressed, and patiently pinned the tape around each one so that I could top stitch it in place.I know it seems like a silly thing to make, but because they are soft and cotton they absorb a lot of moister, and they are so light you can throw them around on any surface, and of course they are machine washable. 

Very fun.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Green Pepper F700 Fleece Vest

This was a lot of fun to make. This pattern doesn’t leave any room for hemming though, so if you are going to attempt to use it make sure you leave a lot of room at the bottom for the hem. The whole two front panels are doubled so that the pockets are those two pieces sandwiched together. It’s a good ideal, but it makes the front hem twice as thick as the back which is something to consider when buying a zipper. You don’t want to get too heavy duty of a zipper or it will cause the front to look stiff. Make sure to use a polyester, small or medium tooth zipper.
Also, this pattern isn’t very snug around the waste. I used a size smaller back panel by cutting a size small with regard to the sides and used my regular size for the top area of the pattern piece. This made the garment wider at the top, but snug toward the bottom. If I left the pattern as is it would just be a tube with no contour. If that’s the look you are going for just stick to the instructions and standard pattern cut out.

Next time I will make this out of grey and black fleece, and one from sweat shirt material and a hood.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Vintage Sewing Machines

Just wanted to share these pics I found on-line.

Jeans City

I made this pair of jeans from a Kwik Sew pattern.
Kwik Sew Men's Jeans PatternI had to buy rivets, and some bachelor buttons in order to make it all work, but all and all it was a fun project.
I used left over material for the pockets, and used a lighter colored beige thread for the top stitching. I used a size 14 needle, and a black jeans zipper.
This pair of jeans cost me about $15 dollars to make. I want to make this pair of pants again but the next time I would make the following changes:
  • Softer material, maybe khaki.
  • No coin pocket.
  • I might use different, fun fabric for the inside of the band, and the bottom cuffs in case I wanted to roll them.  
  • Button fly instead of zipper.