Friday, January 24, 2014

Jeans City

I made this pair of jeans from a Kwik Sew pattern.
Kwik Sew Men's Jeans PatternI had to buy rivets, and some bachelor buttons in order to make it all work, but all and all it was a fun project.
I used left over material for the pockets, and used a lighter colored beige thread for the top stitching. I used a size 14 needle, and a black jeans zipper.
This pair of jeans cost me about $15 dollars to make. I want to make this pair of pants again but the next time I would make the following changes:
  • Softer material, maybe khaki.
  • No coin pocket.
  • I might use different, fun fabric for the inside of the band, and the bottom cuffs in case I wanted to roll them.  
  • Button fly instead of zipper.