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Kids Messenger Bag

I love making messenger bags. There are so many creative things you can do when making a bag, and you can lug around tons of stuff once you’ve finished. Whenever I am out and about I notice handmade bags that people are wearing. I absolutely love to see people wearing things they made themselves. I think wearing things that you’ve made yourself says something about you and connects you with people on a creative level that you don’t get from just picking something off the rack. This bag I made from leftover denim from a pair of jeans I made earlier this year. The lining is from fat quarters I found on sale a month or so ago. The strapping and hardware I got at a local sewing shop that specializes in outer wear. I buy tons at a time because their backpack gear is really inexpensive since you are buying them out of bins and not individually packaged like at other fabric stores. Most of the hardware is plastic, but eh. It works great and looks good. I cut the bag pieces from a pat