Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wool Sweater

I finally finished this wool sweater I started a few months back. I was hoping to get it finished by the time the holidays rolled around, and I did!

This is a super easy tunic style pattern. The sleeves and body are pretty much blocks with no contouring in the arms or waste area.

I used Paton Yarn, dark grey Marl. It took about six skeins of yarn to make this sweater which is a medium. I hemmed the sleeves and the waste band.

The challenges with this sweater was washing it. Once it got wet it smelled like a inside of barn due to the fact that it's 100% wool. I didn't expect that. Also, it took almost an entire week to dry, but once it was dry the smell went away, and the sweater tightened up.

All and all it was a lot of fun.