Wool Sweater Take Two

Here is another wool sweater I recently finished. I used the same pattern as with the gray sweater, but I chose a size small this time around. I used size 6 needles for the ribbing, and size 8 for the body. Instead of K1,P1 for the ribbing, I K2, P2. Also, I used Lion Fisherman's Wool which I like much better than Paton Wool. Lion brand wool seems to knit up better, firmer, and had less odor when wet than Paton. Also, Lion yarn had no breaks, and most of all it was less expensive than Paton.

It took about five skeins to make this sweater, and each skein I managed to buy at 50% off with varies coupons, so in the end this sweater cost $25 to make.  I even had enough yarn left over to make a matching hat.

With this sweater I didn't hem the edges. Also, instead of decreasing at the edge around the neck, I decreased two stitches in from the selvage which left a nice knitted row along the edge of the collar. During this process, I also learned to do the opposite on the other side of the sweater in order to make them match -  SSK, SSP.

I am pretty happy with this sweater, and I love the way it fits.I plan on making a green version of this sweater. After I've mastered this pattern I will move on to something more challenging like a V neck.