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Easy Mini Pizza

These mini pizzas are easy to make and keep in the freezer for up to a month. I used fast acting pizza yeast, and topped each one with olive oil, cracked pepper, and Monterey jack cheese. Whenever I am in the mood for a pizza I can take one out of the freezer, top it with what I choose, and toss in the oven. A lot less stabilizers and artificial ingredients than store bought, and about fifty cents a piece to make.  If you want to learn how to make pizza dough check out Fleischhmann's Website

Easy Throw

It's been super wet this season in Oregon, and I felt like I need a little spring in my life. I found a bundle of fat quarters in my craft area and decided to make a simple throw.

Apple Puff Pastry Roses

Yum! I've seen these in a few bakeries around town, and I thought how fun it would be to make them not to mention delicious. They do look complicated, but after a little research on line I was able to make these in less than an hour. They are wonderful! I found the recipe and instructions at