Sunday, May 7, 2017

Beach/Market Bag

I whipped this one out in about a week working on it every evening. It started off as a hat, but then I thought it would make an awesome bag. The band is wide enough so that it folds over when you're wearing it. This gives the bag more support so the band won't stretch as much when the bag is full.

I want to make another one but color the bottom orange, and the top green. 

One cone of white, 100% cotton, 14oz, and a J size, 6.00mm hook, or you could use H, 5.00mm.

After crocheting it, I dyed it with Ritz Blue Jean dye. I then washed and dried it on regular setting in the washer and dryer.

I am pretty happy with it.

  • Chain 6, make circle, TC 3, dc 14 around. 
  • 2 round, dc 2 in ever stitch around
  • 3 round, dc 2 every other stitch around
  • 4 round, dc 2 every 3rd stitch around
  • Continue in pattern until you've reached every other 8th stitch
  • DC until piece measures 16"
  • CTG2 every 4th stitch.
  • SC next four rounds making sure to add a turn stitch (1) at each round. 
  • strap - seam side SC 6, then continue SC 6 stitches until desired length 14". 
  • ST strap end into other side of bag top. 
  • Secure all ends. 
ST - slip stitch
DC- Double Crochet
SC - Single Crochet
TC - Turning Chain
CTG - Crochet together

I used Ritz dye denim blue to dye the bag:

  • Fill heavy pot with water, added a tablespoon salt. 
  • Bring to simmer then add dye. 
  • Wet the bag making sure it is completely saturated with water but not soaking wet. 
  • Submerge into dye bath and let simmer for about a half an hour. 
  • Rinsed in cold water, washer, dyer. 

I washed and dried it with blue jeans and other blue clothes or you can wash it alone.