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Autumn on the gorge


Half Mittens

After knitting my first pair of mittens, I decided to get a little creative and knit half mittens. I debated on knitting an entire thumb or knitting half the thumb and then ribbing. I chose the ribbing. I used medium worsted Merino wool. What I like best about this style of mitten is that while it's easier to knit, the style lets your fingers stay close together which helps keeps your fingers warm, but you can still use your cell phone and such. Each one took about two days to knit, and both took less than skein of yarn to make. A pair of men's medium mitten takes less than a skein of yarn when knitting with a #5 and #7 needle.


Just finishing up my first mitten. Pretty easy to decrease and bind off. Looking forward to cranking out a lot of these. 

Timberline Lodge

I didn't have much of a plan this morning when I hopped on my bike. All I knew was that I wanted to go east. I ended up at Timberline Lodge where I spent the day riding the ski lifts up and down the mountain, hiking, and then later had lunch. What an awesome day!

Lane County Fair

This weekend I headed down to Eugene to go to the Lane County Fair. The  bike ride was awesome, and the weather couldn't have been better.  Fun dirt bike performers. Pig races. Super cute.  #4 didn't want to run around the track which made for some funny pig chasing. I love looking at the livestock. Lot's of displays and exhibits Of course lots of rides

Beach Day

I took my bike to the beach this weekend. It was absolutely fabulous. Tons of sunshine and fresh air. It's just what I needed.  I rode up HWY 6 to Tillamook, then up HWY 101 to Wheeler.  This place was a lot of fun as well.  Creative Fabrics I love old vintage shoes, and  Wheeler Station Antiques is awesome. I could have spent all day there looking through stuff.  Finally I settled on Manhattan Beach . It's quiet, not very crowded, and the bathrooms are very clean!

Detroit Lake on my Bike

This was an awesome day! It was absolutely beautiful. It took about 2 - 3 hours to get to Detroit Lake from Portland, but  the drive was amazing.  There were tons of butterflies everywhere, and the weather couldn't have been better.  I do have to say that although the butterflies were beautiful, I had smashed butterflies all over me once I got home, and my bike was covered with them.