Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mandarin Collar Shirt

I love these kinds of shirts. This is my first mandarin shirt, and I really like it. The pattern is subtle, and the fabric is soft. It will look good with a pair of tan or denim shorts. The buttons match the brown color in the pattern of the fabric, and I sewed my label in the back.

I cut out the pattern pieces a couple days in advance. It took me the better part of the morning to construct the shirt. Lot's of fun, lots of hemming, sewing, folding. All the stuff that makes sewing fun. Each button hole turned out perfect which is always nice when you are making something to wear. I have ruined projects because the machine I was using at the time jammed, and aside from trying to shave the button hole off with a man's razor, which has worked before, you just have to heave the whole article into the trash. Or, you could save it for scraps, pocket lining, suit lining, etc.

I really like the button hole attachment that came with my machine. Using the foot really saves time. I put all seven buttons on this shirt in less than 5 minutes. I ran each button hole through two sewing cycles to make them extra strong.