Saturday, June 2, 2018

Cable Knit Throw

I love this color of yarn, and I love the cable knit pattern.

This is one of those projects that takes a while, and fills in the gaps between other projects. 

This throw was made by casting on 188 stitches, size 8 needle, medium yarn. KK, PP until desired length. Add one stitch in the middle of next row. 
Slip first stitch, (cable pattern), purl last stitch. 

Cable Pattern
1st row - ktb,p,ktb,*pp,kkkkkk,pp,ktb,p,ktb, start from * 
2nd row - opposite of first row. 
3rd row - cable 3 kkk, kkk3, k cabled 3, continue with pattern. 

Repeat third row ever 6th row. 

Repeat for desired length. 

Decrease 1 next row, KK, PP until desired length. 

Bind off. 

I added a slip stitch at the beginning of every row, and a purl stitch at the end of every row to make the work lay flat and to give it a nice clean edge. If you chose not to create the throw in this manner add three stitches in the beginning ribbing row, and decrease three when starting ending ribbing row. 


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