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Hike at Kelly Butte with a Tag Along

I read about this place the other day. It's within walking distance from my house, so I thought I would give it a try. First, it's not a park as much as an abandoned stretch of road leading to what might have been planned housing but for whatever reason never happened. The entrance/parking lot is at the end of a residential area. Lot's of graffiti and trash abound as you enter the park but the rest of the area is litter free hiking trails. Half way though the hike something swooped down toward me, and I batted it away. I then looked up and noticed it was a parrot of some kind. It tried to swoop down at me again, and this time I just let it land. It stayed on my shoulders for quite a while. It was so cute. It went from one shoulder to the next, then it nibbled at my neck with its beak. It even tried to get into my coat through my collar.  After a while I was concerned that if it was lost, I might be taking it too far away to get back home, so I back tracked, and w

Looking for a Camp Site - Mt Hood

I spent most of the day up at Mt Hood cruising around on my bike checking out camps sites for the summer. I haven't camped in the woods before, and this year I really want to see if I can make it a week away from streaming movies, my cell phone, computer, etc. I found an awesome place that looks perfect close to Roaring River Campground. I would like to take just what I need on my bike, but then I couldn't bring the dog. I will drive instead of ride. It's amazing to me how many maintained trails and campgrounds there are on and around Mt Hood. I think it would be fun to ride to the Grand Canyon or Mt Rushmore and camp on the way there.

Timberline Lodge

A lot of people had the same idea that I did yesterday and headed up to Timberline Lodge. It was very sunny and very nice.

Cascade Locks Trail Head

This was a fun hike. This time I left the dog at home and wondered around for a better part of the day. Most of the trails are closed due to the Eagle Creek fire, but the paved path is still open from the Cascade Locks trail entrance to Eagle Creek trail head. Amazing paved path that was practically deserted. It pays to visit parks during the week.  Bridge of the Gods. Trail Head. Tunnel. Columbia.


Nieghborhood Pictures

Here are some pictures of me walking my dog, the neighborhood in which I live, and some other recent miscellaneous pics. Me walking the dog at Mt Tabor.  Mt Tabor - I feel fortunate to live within walking distance of such a beautiful park My plants  82nd Parade

Historical Columbia Trail East to West

I took the pooch and walked the 11 mile round trip Historical Columbia Trail the other day. It was amazing.

The Beach

Headed to the beach a few days ago and enjoyed the nice sunny weather.

Lost Lake

Took a trip to Lost Lake the other day. Wow. It's amazing. The air is so fresh and clean, and it's so amazingly quiet. At one point I could hear a hawk's wings swooshing through the air as it landed on a tree above. Totally amazing day!