Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Miscellaneous Pictures of the Month

Miscellaneous pictures of this month.

Coming home from the beach in the beach early in the morning

Mariachi Band that plays by my house

Getting out from the rain

Abandoned shack on my way to Molalla River

Bob hiding out under the blankets

Cool statue in a neighbor's yard

Reservoir around Mt Tabor

Guy relaxing

Reservoir panorama shot

Flowers by the airport

Dolly heads at vintage store

Columbia Gorge

Or as a friend likes to call it "Columbia George."

Since I knew it was going to be in the 90's, I took the dog and car yesterday up the Columbia. I didn't have a plan really. I stopped at places that looked interesting and walked around.

Skamania was absolutely beautiful. Lots of wind surfing and the town was clean, small, and full of tourists. The drive was amazing.

I took 205 north to 14 east to Hood River Bridge, then I hung out in Cascade Locks for a bit, then headed home.

View from top of Cape Horn

Walking toward American Song ship

American Song in Skamania

 Wind Sailor

Pebble Beach Skamania

Columbia Gorge Pebble Beach

Cascade Locks

 View of Bridge of the Gods from Cascade Locks Park

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Beacon Rock

After hiking Cape Horn Falls I headed up to Beacon Rock. This place is very popular. It's very beautiful.

Cape Horn Falls

Yesterday I hopped on my bike and rode up HWY 14 in Washington. I love the ride, and the weather was perfect.

First I did the hike to Cape Horn Falls. The main trail to the falls is closed this time of year due to bird nesting in the area, but the hike is still fun.

Camping at the Beach

I went camping this weekend and stayed at Barview Camp Grounds. It was nice. The campsite is well maintained and it's not too crowded.

I made S'mores

I made a fire

Sitting by the file at night

Blue Jay eating dog food

 Rockaway Beach

Barview Jetty

Las Vegas

Hanging out here for a couple days.....