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Kayaking the Willamette

I started out at Oak's Park, then I went around Ross Island. It took about four hours. I was exhausted when I got back to Oak's Park but a good exhausted. I love this little Kayak. I installed pegs in it before I went out, and they made a huge difference.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Ten years ago today I brought home this skinny, gaseous mutt from the pound. He was part of  Second Chance Program at the Oregon Humane Society . Second Chance was established in 1997 in an effort to help shelters in Oregon and Southern Washington – which may have less space, fewer resources and fewer visitors to their shelter –place highly adoptable animals in to homes. 

Mount St. Helens Hike

This was a fun day.  I took my bike up to St. Helens today and hiked the mountain. The path I took was an eight mile hike. Before the St Helens hike I stopped and did the short June Lake hike.  Beaver Bay Park   June Lake