Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hollywood 2013 - Universal Studios

I just found these pics and wanted to share. I can't believe I didn't post something about this trip when it happened. Hmmm.

It was fun. Lot's of thing to do, see, and eat.

Universal Studios was a blast!

I love to fly...

The Mummy! I did this in Orlando. 

 Tour of Hollywood.

The Pit.


My Favorite.

Chateau Marmont.

Uh huh. 

A street.

Car from the Flintstones Movie

Jurassic Park.

Plane wreck from War of the Worlds remake.

Falls Lake Universal Studios

Chinese Theater.

Pelton Park | Kah-Nee-Ta | Timothy Lake | Warm Springs

I wanted to take another trip to Warm Springs, but this time I wanted to do it in my car.

Pelton Park seemed like a good destination. It took about two hours to get there. I went through Kah-Nee-Ta to take some pictures. I had a gnawing feeling I should take some of the resort even if it did look rundown.

Later I stopped off at Timothy Lake, and it was an awesome drive.

It is so peaceful and quiet in the desert. Listen to the short recording I made while I was in Kah-Nee-Ta.You can't hear anything because it's that quiet.

Pelton Park was a tad pretentious and small. Lots of signs warning you not to do this or that and very restricted to guests - not friendly to the public at all. I probably wouldn't go back, but the Daschutes area is gorgeous.

Kahneeta Pool Parking Entrance.

Horse stables. You could go on a horse back ride for $25 an hour.

Park - you could swim in the pool all day long.

Leaving Kah-Nee-Ta.

Heading to Warm Spring.

Pelton Dam.

Looks like a model train set.

Pelton Park.

Timothy Lake.

Timothy Lake.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Vancouver Lake

Headed to Vancouver Lake a week or so ago. It was nice and deserted since there was some sort of toxic algae bloom.

Sellwood Dog Park

This park is awesome. Tons of crazy dogs running around. I took Bob with me and we spent the entire day frolicking in the water and eating Cheetos. This is also a fun place to take my paddle board.