Random Pictures

I saw this picture on Oregon Live.com under an article asking to give to ARC, Association for Retarded Children, and I though this woman was so cute I had to save the photo.

This is the first picture I took of my new dog Bob. I brought him home from the Human Society July 25th.

I took this picture of Bob from my cell phone while sitting at my sewing table.

This is a cherry pie I made for Thanksgiving 2011. This is the first lattice style crust I have ever made. The recipe actually called for red food coloring which I thought was odd...so I used tons and the cherries came out screaming red. I loved it. I almost eat the the entire pie in one weekend it was so good.

Cute...what can I say.

This is a picture of Sambo's in Eugene years and years ago. It's not longer there, but I remember going to eat here when I was a little kid.

More picture of Sambo's in Eugene.

Creepy picture of Hillary Clinton and Obama fused together.

Picture of me where I removed my eyes via some picture program. I was super bored that day.

Some cute guy asleep at his desk.

Zsa Zsa

Timberline Lodge

I didn't have much of a plan this morning when I hopped on my bike. All I knew was that I wanted to go east. I ended up at Timberline L...