Ugly Monster Doll

I made this one day when I was a little bored. It's super easy to make and I fashioned him after Where The Wild Things Are.

Free hand cut out using grocery paper bag paper.

Pattern laid out flat.

Place on fold aligned with grain of fabric.

Creating the teeth, eyes. I perfer to sew the on before sewing the backing.

Sewing front to back.

Left about an inch on the left tide for turning.

Sewn and turned.

Stuffed and side sewn closed. I chose to not stuff him too tightly, but to keep him soft. If you would like the pattern, please email me and I will send you the pattern.

Kayaking the Willametta

I started out at Oak's Park, then I went around Ross Island. It took about four hours. I was exhausted when I got back to Oak's Park...